Contributions: Utah Boys State Foundation

The American Legion Utah Boys State Foundation

The Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization was started for the purpose of raising funds in support of the Utah Boys State youth educational program.  The Foundation's leadership, management & staff are all volunteer.  There are no paid employees, no shareholders and no dividends are disbursed.  One-hundred percent of the donations received are used to support three main purposes.

  1.  Provide financial/tuition assistance to boys that desire to attend the Utah Boys State class but do not have sufficient resources to do so.
  2. Provide funding for needs-based, private scholarships to post high school institutions of higher learning for boys that graduate from Utah Boys State and would otherwise not be able to pursue higher education.
  3. To provide general funding to help offset or minimize the "out-of-pocket-cost" to families of boys participating in the annual in-person "Utah Boys State" program.  And, other necessary program support as determined by the Board of Directors.

The program is an annual, week-long youth summer camp.  Boys having completed their junior year of high school are invited from across the state to take part in a participatory, educational program of civics and government instruction, where students become part of the leadership and operation of city, county, and state government, and learn the functional aspects of citizenship.

Interested in donating?  Please send check or money order payable to American Legion Utah Boys State.  Mail to:  American Legion Utah Boys State, P.O. Box 187, Kaysville, Utah 84037-0187.  You may indicate how your donation is to be obligated, (Tuition, Scholarship, or General Fund).  Also indicate if you do not want your name and/or organization listed as a donor.

If you have questions or feedback, please email