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Utah Boys State Logo 2020

The program goal is to make available the opportunity for boys to gain a deeper appreciation of the rights & responsibilities, duties & privileges of American citizenship.

The 2021 class of Utah Boys State will take place on June 1st – July 31st, 2021 online at Weber State University.  Registration will begin on March 1st, 2021 and run through May 15th 2021.  The Boys State program is a nationwide summer youth educational program and widely considered a premier, once in a lifetime opportunity, often referred to as a week that will influence/change the life of a young man.


The overarching theme of our 2021 program will be, “…Our Charters of Freedom – The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States…” Boys that demonstrate good citizenship in their school/community, have a 2.0 GPA and have completed their junior year are invited from all high schools across the state to come together to participate in a self-governing, hands-on mock experience in how our system of government in Utah works.  During their stay boys conduct elections and run for elected & appointed positions at the city, county and state level.  Boys are invited to listen to and participate in a number of highly enlightening and entertaining guest speakers; state and local elected officials, judges & attorneys, educators, veterans, law enforcement, media experts as well as political science professionals.

The question invariably comes up, “…Why Boys State?”  A typical response is to emphasize the exceptional scholarship opportunities, three semester hours of political science transferrable to nearly every college or university in the country, an unparalleled opportunity to meet/associate with boys from across the state building life-long friendships all while learning about government.  A non-typical response is to hear it directly from some of the boys, “fun, enriching, great experience, leadership, informational, fast-paced, social, intense, memorable, worth it and confidence builder.”

If you’re not familiar with our program, or perhaps want a refresher, please start by visiting and reviewing the information available at and   At these web sites you can read about the program from the national and state levels.

A better tomorrow always begins with educators and your influence toward a more informed citizenry.  Please invite the boys of your school to take the opportunity to learn about, investigate and potentially participate in the Utah Boys State program. Local American Legion representatives are available and stand ready to assist the boys in understanding, learning about and hopefully attending Utah Boys State, please provide them access into your school.

Digital copies of flyers are available here. Historically, we have had difficulty in informing parents, if you have the means and can help in getting the word out to parents via school/district website, email or other media your effort is much appreciated.

As mentioned above, registration opens on March 1st, 2021.  We will accept the first 300 boys that complete the application process. Boys can click on the “Register” tab above to complete their registration.