What to Bring to Boys State?

What to Bring to Boys State

Congratulations on being selected to attend the American Legion Utah Boys State program! Come prepared and bring these items with you on the first day.

Please bring the following

(in order of importance):

  • Your fully signed and dated registration forms should be submitted before arriving at boy's state. Please bring any forms related to scholarships.
  • Underwear, trousers, shoes and socks for a five-day stay. You will be provided two Utah Boys State t-shirts which you will wear throughout the week (except during daily sports). Note: sandals may be worn (preferably with socks), but flip-flops are not acceptable, except in dorm room restrooms/showers. Please also bring a jacket in case the weather turns cold during the week.
  •  If you are an ROTC/NJROTC student, please bring your dress uniform as well as daily working uniform.
  • Towels and toilet articles necessary for a one-week stay.
  • Bedding is not provided, you may wish to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, blanket again in case of cold weather.
  • Athletic clothing and swimming trunks so you can participate in organized sports (unless medical conditions preclude you from participating).
  • If you play the bugle/trumpet, please bring your horn for military honors.
  • Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone to use during voting (if you don't have one please note you will be able to borrow one during the week)
  • Those who drive will be asked to turn in their car keys to their City Counselor for safekeeping. Participants will not be allowed to leave the campus for the week.
  • Some pocket money for snacks and drinks. Three meals are served each day.
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