Student Leadership

Harrison Parker

Harrison Park - Governor

Boys State was an experience I know I will never forget. Boys State is a trial period of man where you are separated from the strong-willed from the weak. Boys State is an opportunity for growth and inspiration in your life and is an experience I couldn't recommend to any young man enough. I have made strong connections with my friends from boys state and have strengthened my connections with those whom I was already acquainted with at boys state. Being able to experience captivating and emotional speeches and learning about how you and I can become valuable members of our society is such a fortunate opportunity and it has changed my life forever.

In this generation we are forced to experience complex and abstract issues in our political system. But if we decide to take control of the situation, act in our communities, and discuss how we are going to solve our problems then we can help change our government and rebuild a brighter future for our future families and protect our bloodline.
Caleb Stephens LT Gov 2024

Kaleb Stephens - Lt. Governor

Attending Boys State was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. It wasn't just a week-long summer camp but a pivotal moment that steered my life in a new direction. At Boys State, there are two types of participants: those who attend merely for school credit and those who are there to learn and grow truly. From the outset, I committed to making the most of this opportunity. I achieved my goal: I was elected mayor and then Lieutenant Governor. Along the way, I forged irreplaceable friendships that enriched my life. Boys State aims to shape easygoing young men into productive, contributing members of society. This transformation is more crucial today than ever, highlighting why Boys State is such a valuable and impactful experience.

Carsen Cooper Senator 2024

Carson Cooper - Senator

My whole life I have enjoyed learning about other people. No two individuals are exactly alike, and there is something to learn from everyone. As a result of this understanding, I became interested in political sciences and debate. When I explored these interests, I quickly became an adept communicator, which has enabled me to seize various opportunities at school, work, my personal life and even Boys State. Generally, I love philosophical discussions, figuring out how to make things better, and helping others. In the leisure time I spend with friends, I love playing board games, especially Catan - I know, I sound boring.

Today I work, I help lead two school clubs, I’m involved with a county mental health advocacy group, and I am even in an organization with individuals I met at both Boys Nation and Boys State. I always strive to remember humility, to honor the truth, and to be kind. Although I’m not perfect, I am constantly learning and growing.


Colby Stone - Senator

Boys State was simply the most beneficial program i’ve ever been apart of. Not only do you learn through the numerous hands on activities and listening to speeches from great leaders in our community, but also through interactions with the hundreds of boys with whom you share the privilege of being at Boys State with. I learned and incorporated countless lifelong virtues and skills that came from the leadership experiences i went through at Boys State. When I started my first day here, nobody could have convinced me i’d have as much fun as I did and learned so much valuable information at the same time. I left Boys State smarter, happier, and more experienced than I have ever been in my life, and I wasn’t an outlier. Everyone who I’ve talked to about Boys State agree with me when I say it was the best time of our lives. I wish I could go on forever about how amazing Boys State is because it has helped me and my future in a way no other program could come close to, and for that i am forever grateful.

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