About American Legion Utah Boys State

The American Legion Utah Boys State Corporation is a non-profit entity made up of volunteers, veterans, police officers, and educators.

There are no paid employees, shareholders, and dividends disbursement.

The corporation functions under the umbrella of the American Legion Department of Utah, Americanism Committee Chair.

In partnership with Weber State University's Political Science Department, the American Legion Utah Boys State program is a first-class, highly respected venue for the education of our youth.

Nationwide, the Boys State Program is among the most respected and selective summer youth educational programs for high school boys.

What Utah Boys State is Not?

  • Boys State is not a “boot camp”; we don’t teach military.
  • Boys State is not a “political youth camp,” we don’t teach politics.
  • Boys State is not a “scout camp,” we don’t teach scouting.

What Boys State Is

  • Boys State is; the country’s premier summer youth program designed to develop leadership and promote civic responsibility in young men.
  • Boys State is; an annual, week-long forum in citizenship, self-government, and public service.
  • Boys State is; a place to learn and observe how the government is conducted through hands-on mock participation and “secure a better understanding and deeper appreciation of the rights and responsibilities, duties and privileges of American citizenship.”
  • Boys State is; fun, enriching, great experience, leadership, informational, fast-paced, social, intense, memorable, confidence builder, worth it.
  • Boys State is; a place where ordinary boys have an opportunity to become extraordinary citizens.
  • Boys State is; a once in a lifetime opportunity for high school boys.


The American Legion Utah Boys State Corporation is organized and chartered to conduct an annual youth educational event specifically offered to high school boys having completed their junior year.  The Utah Boys State program is intended to supplement high school civics instruction.  The program is designed primarily as a "Laboratory of Practical Political Science" where the students are given an opportunity to participate in the exercise of the practical workings of our democratic form of government so that they may secure a better understanding and deeper appreciation of the rights and responsibilities, duties and privileges of American citizenship.

The concept of the program will be to impart the ideals and values of citizenship through fast-paced, hands-on, interactive activities designed to inform students as to the manner in which our democratic form of government functions.


  • To gain a better understanding of how the government within the State of Utah is organized;
  • To learn the process of conducting elections at the city, county and state levels;
  • To learn how to participate in the political process actively;
  • To determine the importance of open dialog and the respectful exchange of differing opinions;
  • To gain a better appreciation of the Constitution of the United States, Legacy of our Country, patriotism, and respect for our flag;
  • To gain an understanding of the importance of public service in the furtherance of those ideals of responsibility, duties, privileges, and accountability that our system of government is built on.

Partners in Learning 

  • Accucolor Digital Printing
  • American Legion Department of Utah
  • American Legion Utah Boys State Corporation
  • American Legion Utah Boys State Foundation
  • American Legion Post 27, Farmington, Utah
  • Attorney General, State of Utah
  • Carr Printing
  • Charlie Arave Photography
  • Clearfield City
  • Crown Trophy
  • Davis County
  • Dr. L. Clifford Goff
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • General Distributing Company
  • Granite School District Police Department
  • Herriman City Police Department
  • Liberty Press
  • Layton City
  • Lieutenant Governor, State of Utah
  • National Insurance Crime Bureau
  • Office of the United States Attorney, District of Utah
  • Ogden City
  • Olene S. Walker Institute of Politics & Public Service @Weber State University
  • Ogden City Police Department
  • Ray Quinney & Nebeker Law Firm
  • Samsung Inc.
  • Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office
  • Unified Fire Authority of Greater Salt Lake 
  • U.S. Air Force
  • U.S. Air Force JROTC
  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Congress Representative Rob Bishop
  • Utah House of Representatives
  • Utah Transit Authority Police Department
  • U.S. District Court, District of Utah
  • Utah Army National Guard
  • Utah Democratic Party
  • Utah Military Academy
  • Utah Republican Party
  • Utah State District Courts
  • Utah State Senate
  • Weber County
  • Weber County Attorney
  • Weber State University
  • Weber State University Department of Political Science
  • Weber State University Recreation
  • Wildcat Design and Print