Administrative Policies & Procedures

The American Legion Utah Boys State Corporation, Administrative Policies & Procedures

Behavioral Issues:

The American Legion Utah Boys State program was organized by The American Legion to enhance High School civics instruction. The American Legion Utah Boys State (ALUBS) curriculum in partnership with Weber State University and additional supporting entities is sponsored to facilitate student civic learning. In order to maintain a safe, hazing free and productive learning environment, students, counselors and staff are expected to maintain safe learning environment in accordance with the student application, curriculum, sports, and housing activities and Weber State University rules of good conduct at all times during the program week.

This program maintains a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY regarding actions that may compromise safety or student learning. Alleged incidents that violate these rules or compromise safety including hazing, willful damage, reckless discharge of fire alarms, or unexcused absences from the Weber State Campus at any time during the program week, or any activity that may compromise personnel safety are subject to review by the ALUBS Executive Director/President or designee and may be subject to law enforcement investigation. Safety infractions may result in termination of ALUBS participation and expulsion from the program, forfeiture of ALUBS graduation, academic credit and/or tuition refund. Student parent/guardian of record listed on the student application will be notified of events pertinent to student status or discipline. See appeals process below.

American Legion & Boys State Names, Emblems and Logos:

The American Legion, American Legion Boys State Names, Emblems, Logos, Insignia, badge or medal of veterans' organizations are trademarked.  With respect to their use by students participating in Utah Boys State and associated alumni; use of these items is restricted to each individual, for personal, non-commercial use only.  Implying, referencing, using or depicting any of these trademarked items in connection to, or in association/correlation with any media/medium that could be considered disrespectful, derogatory, inflammatory or otherwise in any forum bring discredit or reflect distastefully on The American Legion and/or The American Legion Utah Boys State will not be tolerated.

Academic Credit:

Each student citizen or staff member who completes all requirements for graduation as outlined in the Utah Boys State curriculum may expect to be awarded three (3) semester hours of 2920 political science credit by Weber State University. Cost of this credit for staff/counselors will be determined annually, funds payable to Weber State University separately.

Graduation Credit:

Each Student Citizen who successfully fulfills all requirements for graduation as outlined in the Utah Boys State curriculum may expect to receive a graduation certificate, as well as a ribbon for each office he is elected or appointed to during the program week. See process for appeals below.


Refund of tuition fees may be provided only upon receipt of written justification which may include a death in the student citizen’s immediate family, illness of the student citizen or other similar incident as approved by the ALUBS Executive Director/President prior to program start date. There shall be no refund (full or partial) of student tuition once the student’s application has been received and processed. See appeals process below.

Appeals Process:

Appeal requests of disciplinary decisions made by the ALUBS Executive Director/President, citing justification for appeal request must be submitted within sixty (60) days of the disciplinary findings. Appeal request should be submitted to:

Commander, American Legion Department of Utah
Utah State Capitol Building
350 North State St, Suite 80, P.O. Box 148000
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-8000

Appeal decisions rendered by the Department Executive Committee of The American Legion, Department of Utah shall be in accordance with the Constitution of The American Legion Department of Utah and shall be final.

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